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Who Is Frank Dougherty?

I’m a High-Ticket NOW™ Trainer and Coach for high ticket events, and I’m also the creator and founder of several popular online business brands such as High-Ticket NOW Speaking School™, High-Ticket NOW Closers™, High-Ticket NOW Entrepreneurs™ ... and more.

I've had the privilege to change the lives of so many people just like you and today, I'm right now - I'm going to share my best years of business experience with you…

For So Long ... For Too Long, You Have Watched "Others" Living Their Life-Dreams ... Perhaps, Now, It's Your Turn!

It's Time To Claim the Life You Want - and the "Life-Dream" You Want!

The BEST Time (The ONLY Time) To Start Actually Living Your Deepest Life-Dream Is ... NOW!

I'm going to share a chance for you -

Right here on this page...
To get some of my most useful and hard-won knowledge.
Over $5,997 worth to be exact.
For. Free.
Why am I giving it away?
One very important reason.
→ My mission is the same as yours.
I am called. Just like you.
I'm called to make a positive difference in people’s lives with my words. That’s why I'm sharing my expertise with you here today.
That’s why I'm giving you $5,676+ worth of expertise for only $1.00.
When I say hard-won, I mean that I spent years studying, trying, failing, studying some more, trying some more, and uncovering some of the best kept secrets around!
I spent years learning and perfecting all the valuable information that I'm GIFTING to you today for just a $1 bill.

Hi, I'm Eileen Wilder

I’m an author and business coach specializing in high-ticket sales. I was a pastor for almost two decades, and my family and I were used to living on very humble means. That all changed one day when I found a way to make more in a day than I was used to making in an entire year.
This path was far from easy, and I openly share my trials and tribulations of overcoming severe depression, constant anxiety attacks, and an eating disorder… making it nearly impossible to have the confidence it took to sell anything, let alone a high ticket program.
Now I’m on a mission to help people charge what they're worth, have fun, and crush it with high-ticket sales!
I've shared stages with everyone from Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Marie Forleo, Stu Mclaren, and more! Teaching people to step into their purpose, use their voice, and share their message - and have a good time doing it!

Sustainable and Resilient Revenue That You

Actually Enjoy Making.
That’s the good stuff. The dream.
Let me ask you a question…
When you hear or see an incredible speaker, do you feel it in your soul? Does it make you feel like you want to GO ALL IN even though you may not be entirely sure what you’re going all-in on yet?
That’s your calling. It’s telling you that you’re destined for something greater and it’s your job to show up. I know because the very same thing happened to me. Let me tell you about it…
After ClickFunnel’s Funnel Hacking Live in 2018, I went all-in.
I showed up having no idea what to expect. I came to listen and learn - and I did A LOT of both.
A man took the stage and I knew immediately that I was going all-in because as I listened to him speak, his message created a shift so deep that I was no longer hearing the words he spoke - even though they each embedded themselves in my mind and heart.
My whole being was caught up in an almost indescribable feeling.
I was beginning to sense something powerful happening within me. A sense of clarity. A sense of calling. I’d heard one before so I was pretty familiar.

It was a mission.
It was an opportunity.
And it was mine.
I could make a difference.
I could be a force of good - and I could make a good living doing it.
I could enjoy living a life of purpose AND profit and help others to do the same.
I could transform lives - starting with my own - and I could change the world.
One person at a time.
One family at a time.
One opportunity at a time.
That’s my calling.
I’m betting that if you’re still reading, it’s your calling too.
I was so inspired that I went home and took action immediately, building my first one-page webinar funnel and making more than I could have ever imagined.
I spoke and recorded a janky webinar video without any idea of whether I was doing it right and stuck a “Book a Call” button below it.
I got on call after call, speaking and selling my first offer for $297.
Then another for $497.
Raising the price each time.
It didn’t take long for me to earn my first 2 Comma Club Award and now I can earn one almost every month - just working with my premium $350,000 VIP Day clients.
I love working with my clients and helping them to make their own dreams come true as they create their own 6 and 7-figure days.
But who was that speaker? It was, of course, my friend and mentor, Russell Brunson.
I've spent the years since then living my life bigger, growing my revenue bigger, and making my family legacy BIGGER than we had ever dreamed possible.
I’m not telling you this so that you can be impressed with my life. I’m sharing this with you to impress upon you that this can happen in your life.
I created transformation for myself and for my clients through the power of speaking, but... I had to go all-in and put some hard work into it first.
I sat down and analyzed the greatest speakers and platform closers trying to nail down exactly what made the difference between someone who was speaking and someone who took the mic and made people feel like they’d been spoken to.
In order to achieve My goals, I needed to know…

What does it take to be an

Elite Speaker?
I needed to know:
  • What was the common thread between these masters of communication?
  • ​Why did people go wild when they spoke?
  • ​How did they get people to buy them out of everything they had every time they spoke?
    Once I discovered that, everything changed.
    I started speaking and people started jumping on chairs and cheering me on.
    I had discovered the secret to not being just another ho-hum, boring speaker.
    I knew how to be a powerful speaker who could see the lives of people changed simply through words.
    Speakers who make people sit on the edge of their seats. Speakers who make the distance between where we're standing on the stage and where someone is listening in the audience feel like mere inches.
    Speakers who make messages spoken to tens of thousands of people feel like it's a message made just for them.
    What I found is that elite speakers all use the same tactics over and over again to captivate audiences, connect individually with their listeners, and compel them to take action and become their better selves.
    After pouring over some of the greatest speakers of all time and doing countless hours of research, my business partner Joe and I found the answers and the BITS Framework was born.
    • Belief
    • Identity
    • Transformation
    • Secrets
    You know how everywhere you look someone is talking about mindset?
    That’s because the number one reason that you aren’t living out your legacy and sharing your message with the world right this minute is because of the resistance, the naysaying beliefs that are holding you back.
    The same is true for your audience. Their minds are stuck in a rut.
    Have you ever gotten your car stuck - in the snow, the mud, or even in the sand?
    Your instinct is to press harder on the gas so that you can keep moving forward.
    Does that work?
    Nope. Never does. In fact, it works less the more you do it.
    Instead of getting the result you’re looking for, you end up literally spinning your wheels.
    So, how do you get out of it?
    You have to do something entirely different than what comes naturally to you.
    Your audience knows that they need to move forward but they’re stuck spinning their wheels because they believe that what they’re doing now is the way to get what they want.
    They need you to come in and provide that traction, that contact, that connection that will help to push them out of that rut so that they can shift their beliefs and actually get some forward movement going.
    We get THOUSANDS of messages thrown at us daily from thousands of brands and how even knows how many people. Every. Day.
    They tell you who you are.
    They tell you who you should be.
    It happens so often that we become blind and deaf to it.
    Because it’s about them.
    Because it’s the same, one dimensional message that they try to use to…
    Manipulate you into doing what they want.
    Buying what they’re selling, and
    Pretending that you don’t notice that… Your life?
    It hasn’t changed for the better. Heck, it probably didn’t change at all.
    They speak to your pain but they don’t speak to you because they don’t even know who you are.
    “You’re just one funnel away.” When Russell stood on that stage and shared that statement, I was absolutely transfixed.
    It was so simple.
    It was exactly what had been missing.
    It was exactly the shift I’d been looking for.
    It was exactly the mission that changed everything - especially me.
    Who I was had changed.
    I was a Funnel Hacker.
    Those thousands of messages that get shoved into your brain each day are all trying to convince you of one thing: You’re not good enough.
    They say you’re too fat. You’re too thin. You’re too smart. You’re not smart enough. You’re too funny. You’re not funny enough. You’re too quiet. You’re too loud.
    Whatever you are, it’s not enough.
    That’s what they’re saying 24/7 - and they never stop saying it.
    They’re saying it to you and they’re saying it to your audience too.
    Even when your people, your future audience, finally find a guru out there who says they’re ready to show them a better way, to support them, to lift them up…
    What really happens for your future audience once they finally find someone to help them? Not much of anything.
    Sure, you get excited.
    For a little while.
    You know that rush of anticipation you get when all of a sudden hope enters the chat? That’s exactly what happens when you finally find someone with the answers that you need.
    So, you get psyched.
    And you show up pumped.
    Then what happens?
    You show up and you tune out.
    You can’t hang onto that energy because the speaker that you were so jazzed to see?
    They got up on stage and sucked all the life out of the room.
    No change. No transformation. No more hope.
    They can’t help you change your life.
    Then can’t even help you pay attention.
    There’s a moment when it all comes together. All the motivation, the research, and the work you’ve done finally comes together in an aha moment that’s like the stuff you see on television.
    Have you ever had an aha moment so big that people can practically see the lightbulb over your head?
    I'm going to press 10x on the speed of your own personal success video for you and share all the hard won secrets that I studied, researched, and pieced together - no movie montage necessary.
    I'm going to share with you all the secrets I've learned AND I'm going to keep sharing what I've learned in our incredible training - the ONLY path to becoming a true Elite Entrepreneur™!
    The BITS Framework is a repeatable revenue and transformation amplifier.
    You can use it over and over again to craft messages, to touch audiences, and to transform their lives and yours.
    Imagine a world where you can be the leader you dream of being…
    A world where you can command a room...
    A world where you can speak to people’s hearts and minds...
    You can change their lives.
    I can show you how.
    What if I told you that you could have all of that - all while making more money than you’d ever dreamed possible?
    It’s time to stop dreaming, start doing, and start transforming lives!
    Including yours...

    Just like a few of our favorite people have used this training to transform their lives…

    Today, I'm Helping You To Take A Quantum Leap Forward In Your Speaking Journey.

    All you have to do is try it. That’s it. Just try it out.

    Here’s everything you get when you

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    There are plenty of business communities out there that would have you sacrifice yourself and your family on the altar of business, but that's not the way we do it. This toolkit is designed to introduce you to a new way of doing business, the Elite way!
    Craft Your Signature Message Video Training & Workbook
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    Next, you’ll be ready to share your newly created message with the community and let the high fives begin!
    It only takes ONE message to change lives.
    And here’s where it gets really different.
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    🔥 Monthly Masterclasses and Deep-dive sessions
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    With Gold Membership, all of these recordings are dropped for you in the membership area so you can watch them and collect them as long as you're a member.
    On top of all of that, you need to know…
    😍 It’s not just a group, it’s a true community - a fellowship of motivated and dedicated people (just like you!) who are ready to speak their truth and share it with the world.

    We’re ready to GIFT you almost

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    The All-In Guarantee

    If you haven’t noticed,I'm an All-In type of person so I'm going to offer you my All-In Guarantee.
    Now, everything you’re getting here is yours for just $1.00 so you can absolutely sign up for it and never even open our email and log in to check any of it out. You can quit before you ever begin and - aside from the trial (you should cancel that) - you don’t even have to look back.
    In fact, you can just keep on keeping on the way you have been in your life...
    But I know that if you don’t commit yourself to really diving in, feet first, and trying it out…
    If you don’t make a promise to yourself…
    Well, then you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering if maybe you were meant for something larger in your life but you just never answered the call.
    That might be one of the saddest stories ever told.
    Well...I don't want that for you.
    I know you don’t want that for yourself, for your family, and for the many, many lives that you could reach.
    So, the All-In Guarantee is a promise that you make to yourself and no one has the power to take that away from you.

    Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of our favorite speakers have had to say about working with us…

    There’s something about the question,
    “What’s next?”

    Have you ever noticed that people who are always focused on what’s next are always agents of change?
    They’re the people who get things done.
    They’re the people who are looking ahead.
    They’re the people who don’t let anything keep them from making progress.
    So, I hope that’s you today.
    I hope that you don’t let anything hold you back from going all-in on living the life and building the legacy of your dreams.
    A greater income making a greater impact is within your reach. All you have to do is take it!
    I'm so grateful that we get to be here to help you as you do it.
    Talk soon,
    Xx Eileen

    The Elite Entrepreneurs™ Business Success Toolkit

    All You Have To Do Is Say,

    "MAYBE" And The Gift Is Yours... For Just $1.00!

    When You Say "Maybe" Today, You Can Have ALL Of This...

    • Elite Business Success Toolkit...................................................................($891 Value)
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    • Elite Business Success Toolkit ($891 Value)
    • Signature Message Video Training & Workbook ($2,997 Value)
    • 14-Day Trial of Speaking School GOLD ($97 Value)
    BONUS! The Irresistible Product Generator™................................($1,497 Value)
    BONUS! Get Booking On Stages Script................................................($194 Value)
    BONUS! The Irresistible Product Generator™ ($1,497 Value)
    BONUS! Get Booking On Stages Script ($194 Value)

    Total Value: $5,676

    START TODAY FOR $1.00!

    So, What's The Catch...?

    Like I said in the beginning, I'm giving you this insane gift as a bribe, to test drive Speaking School™.

    Why would I do this?
    Well, there are actually a few reasons...
    1. It's my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated customer. I am grateful for you and wanted to do something TRULY special!
    2. I wanted to show off this amazing community, and all this new training that I'm so proud of by giving you access to thousands of dollars of Secrets we've developed! There's no way we can do this forever, but right now you have a chance to lock in this HUGE discount!
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    YES Eileen!

    I'm Ready To Test-Drive Speaking School™ for 14 days, risking only $1 (And I Realize That I'm ALSO Getting The Elite Entrepreneurs™ Business Success Toolkit, Craft Your Signature Message Workshop & the Bonuses - A $5,676 Value FOR FREE!)

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    If You're Still Here...

    Then You Must Be Thinking,

    "Is This REALLY For Me?"
    Listen, we would hate it if this became just another useless resource that is saved somewhere on your desktop. No way.

    What you'll be receiving today... PLUS what you'll be receiving each month you're in Speaking School™... are speaking principles you'll want to refer back to every time you have an opportunity to take the stage...
    So, I want to make it crystal clear about who this is really for...
    This is FOR YOU if you are a speaker or desire to be a speaker, of any kind to any niche, and it can be offline or online, or both... and you want to see TRANSFORMATION in the lives of the people you speak to, and be able to build your business through speaking.

    This is for the speaker who is DONE getting up in front of people and not connecting or making a meaningful impact, who wants to get to the core of what really makes great speakers great. That's it, plain and simple.
    This NOT FOR YOU if you think this will have people lining up to hear you speak without putting in some work to learn and implement these techniques.
    This is also NOT for the habitual "sign-uppers"... the folks that sign up for everything under the sun, thinking that just by "having it" then they'll be successful...
    This might just be the LAST system you'll ever need - a new approach that changes the game for you and launches you into a new paradigm of transformational speaking!
    With that said... my question to you is this: can you really afford NOT to sign-up?
    Because we all know, more opportunity is lost through "inaction"...
    Do this for you, and for your future... hit the green button below right now and sign-up today before the initial free trial launch ends!

    The Elite Entrepreneurs™ Business Success Toolkit

    All you have to do is say, "MAYBE" and the gift is yours... for JUST $1.00!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How Does The $1.00 Trial Work?

    A: Test-drive Speaking School™ for a full 14 days for only $1. No gimmicks. Then, if you agree the on-demand resources and monthly masterclasses contain the best, most valuable advice on speaking, and can't wait to implement everything taught, then we'll continue to give you access every month thereafter and bill you based on the plan you choose on the next page.

    Q: When will I receive my free gifts?

    A: When you sign up today for the 14-Day trial, you will receive instant access in your email inbox to all of the free digital downloads.

    Q: Is All Of This Value Really Just $1.00?! What's the catch?

    A: Yes, it's true! We're not just whistlin' Dixie over here. When you say "maybe" today, you can secure up to $5,676 of my Speaker™ Secrets... that once implemented can and will transform your speaking, and impact your listeners (and your business) on a whole 'nutha level!

    The Elite Entrepreneurs™ Business Success Toolkit

    All you have to do is say, "MAYBE" and the gift is yours... for JUST $1.00!

    Q: Who Is This For?

    A: This is for the speakers and those who desire to speak. Business Owners who want to add revenue to their business through speaking and selling from stage. The influencer that wants to reach an audience with their message.

    My Speaking School™ hits you month after month with real, working techniques used by some of the greatest speakers to impact their listeners. Let me show you the triumphs, the mistakes, and the best speaking tips so you can learn and grow without taking on needless frustration.

    Q: What If I'm Not Satisfied With My Subscription?

    A: This is highly unlikely. Wait until you dive into the free gifts, and you'll see what I mean. With that said, if you don't find my expert speaking advice even the least bit useful... then you can cancel anytime and we'll part as friends. ;) So, if you are part of the small percentage of people that don't find this useful, then you can cancel and we won't hold it against you.

    Q: How Much Does It Cost?

    A: Today, you can secure up to $5,676 in crazy pants speaking training from me (Eileen)... for just $1.00!

    Then, after the initial 14-day test-run, if you love us and agree we're the best to help take your speaking to another level... then we'll keep giving you access every month and we'll bill you based on the membership you choose on the next page.
    Disclaimer - This presentation will give you actionable steps to scaling a successful coaching or consulting business.
    Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the training, an opportunity will be offered to learn more.
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